Hi there! I'm Ronda and this is where I display my Shepard Smith related art for all of you fans out there to easily access. I hope you enjoy my creations. Please ask me for permission via e-mail to use any of my work for anything that isn't personal. For example, you can save to your computer, print, etc, but don't display my work on your website without asking me first. Also, if you'd like to read about me, go to the Extras section. Thanks for visiting!

Eccentric Logic - My Journal

July 15, 2009

A little something something today. Please take note that this website will be moving in the near future, meaning the bookmark will be changing. My host is closing in October. Sadness, I know.

2 NEW WALLPAPERS! Added to The Art section


January 17, 2009

Happy New Year! Let's make 2009 awesome, alrighty? Much happiness to everyone. Anywho...

1 new digital painting of Shep in The Art section

The reference image has been added to the digital painting explanation page and ReporterCaps has been added to the Resources page.


November 9, 2008

Wooo! I have some new stuff added, finally!

2 NEW WALLPAPERS! Added to The Art section :)

I've so updated the resources page, the extras page, and the digital painting explanation page where you can see the latest painting I'm working on.


I hope my fellow Shep fans were glued to the TV on Election Day and were proud Americans when the results came in. I know I was. Congrats to President Elect Barack Obama! History in the making before our eyes.


October 3, 2008

Wow, I suck. Sorry guys. I keep thinking about thisi site, but I just haven't had the time combined with motivation to make new wallpapers and digital paintings featuring Shep. Been happily busy with advertising campaigns, socializing, actually sleeping really well, and such. At some point I will finish the new digital painting of Shep with puppy Tucker! Hopefully wallpapers won't be too far behind. I posted a preview of new digital painting on my journal not that long ago - journal link is above in the Welcome text if you want to check that out.
Considering the state of the economy lately, I hope all of you Shep fans are managing well enough.


January 20, 2008

Just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't forgetten about this site, my peoples. I've been really busy with college and life things. I am currently working on a new Shep digital painting and some wallpapers to add to the site sometime soon.

Thank you to all of this site's visitors! I never expected so much constant traffic. I'm glad you all managed to find your way here :)


March 12, 2007

It has been too long, hasn't it? I'm sorry everybody. College and life in general has been really stressful. Anywho, I update with goodies...

4 new wallpapers! Lots of violet going on... hmm, I wonder why...


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August 17, 2006

Wow, first of all I want to say a big thanks to everybody for visiting my site! There has been a huge boom of hits since early July. I hope everybody enjoys my site here and feel free to contact me if you'd like to for any reason :)

2 new Israel-Lebanon themed wallpapers have been added to The Art section. More coming soon.


**Everybody go and check out the new Shepardville forums! The more members to post with everyone, the merrier!**


July 9, 2006
Hmm, it wasn't that many updates ago that I had uploaded a new layout and I already have another one! I get tired of them quickly. So welcome to version 4, now that I've had time to update! I think I'm getting a hang of this Dreamweaver program to put my site together.
Three new wallpapers have been added to The Art section.
17 quotes have been added to the Shep Quotes section, 7 are from the June Playboy interview
I've also added a digital painting to The Art section that I finished back in April but haven't had the time to upload until now. I'm very proud of that one.


**If you haven't already, go and check out the brand spankin' new site Shepardville! It has goodies you'll love and it's run by the awesome Nicki!**


March 5, 2006
2 new wallpapers have been added to The Art section.
I also rebuilt this site in Dreamweaver MX. The site was previously built with Microsoft Frontpage, so please let me know if the site doesn't look right.


December 13, 2005
WOOHOO! This is version 3 with a new layout. Are you nearly blind yet by the green? Heh! Hope you like.
2 new wallpapers added to The Art section.
1 new page called Resources. This is where I have listed credit for all of the resources I have used in my art pieces at this site.
Eh, there are some changes here and there on this site.
Please take note that my e-mail address has changed and I'll respond to e-mails quicker that go to the new e-mail.


September 27, 2005
2 new wallpapers with a Hurricane Katrina theme have been added to The Art section.
1 black & white digital painting that I finished back on Aug. 31 has been added to The Art section also.
Not so special updates to the Extras page and page about my digital paintings.


June 27, 2005
3 new wallpapers have been added to The Art section. The black and white wallpaper features a photo scanned from the Washington Post. Credit for scanning goes to Sandy.
5 more quotes have been added to the Shep Quotes section


April 29, 2005
You're looking at Version 2.0 of Shep Source! I couldn't stand the other one anymore, so here's a new one, LOL.
2 new wallpapers have been added to The Art section
6 more quotes have been added to the Shep Quotes section
I've moved all info about me to the Extras section
And lastly, I've updated the latest digital painting with a more accurate eye color (I hope, LOL), because I was wrong about the color and inaccuracy reeeeally bothers me!


March 28, 2005
Hi there! I only have one addition this time. I've added a brand new digital painting to The Art section. It's a frontal portrait with one of those lovely smiles of his. I'm still not sure what to think about the hair color and eye color. It is so confusing for an artist, you know. One minute he looks like he has brown hair, then black, then gray. Lousy TV boxes, hehe. And I wonder if I put too many grays in his hair. I probably did because I love his grays.
**is worried about her friend in Malaysia** She's the sweetest thing. I'm pretty sure she's okay, because she's been active on DeviantART since the earthquake, it looks like, but I'm still waiting on some replies. She is darling, look what she made for my Birthday, because I comment on all of her work at DeviantART.


March 11, 2005
Hi lovely people! This is the first official update, yay, hehe.
2 new wallpapers have been added to The Art section.
7 more quotes have been added to the Shep Quotes section.
I've added a page about my painting being on the Fox Report in The Art section for those who don't know about it and might be interested.
I've added a page with further details about my digital paintings in The Art section. You can see which photos I used for each painting and that sort of stuff.
And as if there weren't enough updates today, I've also replaced the first digi painting (dated 08-31-04). I improved the skin colors and worked more on his eye lashes and ear. Thanks to those who helped me decide whether I had improved it or not!
And for fun, I've added more info about me to the Extras section.


March 1, 2005
***Does the Shep imitation of the Fox orchestra***
Ta da! Welcome to the grand opening of Shep Source!
Ah, it is really nice to have a site, of some kind, again.
You know, I was going to just do a webpage and before you knew it, it grew into a small site. It's no big deal really, and it probably will not get updated very often, but I hope ya like!